What is the real privacy impact of your product or service?

PrivacyAnt Software is a privacy engineering and management platform that helps You to automate privacy by design and assess the privacy impact of any product, service or process. Accurately.

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How it works?

#1 Describe how personal data is being collected, used and disclosed by your product or service

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Did you know?

PrivacyAnt Software has the most advanced data-flow maps for privacy management. By visually demonstrating how personal data is being processed, your accountability documentation becomes more robust.

#2 See how well your products or services comply with different privacy laws such as GDPR, ePrivacy Directive or California Consumer Privacy Act

PrivacyAnt automatic privacy requirements

Did you know?

PrivacyAnt Software has built in logic that helps you to turn your internal privacy and information security policies into actionable compliance controls. Data protection management has never been easier.

#3 Assess and mitigate risks to meet the Article 35 DPIA requirements and to demonstrate compliance to supervisory authorities

PrivacyAnt risks list

Don’t just take our word for it. Learn how big enterprises to small startups are managing their compliance with PrivacyAnt Software.

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