Top Privacy News 2020/34

101 complaints filed against companies for unlawful data transfers to US


Austrian privacy group NOYB lead by Max Schrems has filed 101 complaints against companies in 30 EEA countries for ignoring the recent CJEU ruling in case C-311/18 (“Schrems II”) and continuing transferring of personal data to the US. According to the complaints, organisations have implemented Google’s and Facebook’s code snippets that forward personal data on each visitor to Google or Facebook.

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German data protection authorities launched a large scale investigation on cookie practices.


10 out of the 16 German federal data protection authorities have launched a joint large scale investigation into media companies’ use of cookies and tracker mechanisms. One of their objectives is to verify whether the cookie banners used will meet the GDPR requirements for valid consent.

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UK MP’s wrote a letter to ICO’s Elisabeth Denham for failing to protect UK citizens’ right to privacy.


A group of more than 20 MP’s have written to ICO’s lead Elisabeth Denham for not taking action against the UK government on key data protection issues during the Covid-19 pandemic. The letter says that ICO hasn’t done enough for stop the UK government from disregarding people’s fundamental privacy rights. The letter reminds that the public needs a privacy regulator with teeth and urges the ICO to start using its enforcement powers and to ‘stop sitting on its hands’.

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