Freska's Stephen Sykes appreciates PrivacyAnt Software’s straightforward approach and the usefulness and usability of the data-flow maps


It (PrivacyAnt Software) really is a great tool for managing data protection. Once I understood how everything links together and what steps need to be taken, I've felt the software has been straightforward to use for maintaining the necessary documentation.

One thing I'd like to especially highlight is the usefulness and usability of the data-flow maps to systematically describe the processing activities. Drawing and seeing the data-flows visualized has definitely made data protection more concrete and understandable to everyone.

The software's compliance controls tell you where you are standing with your documentation completeness level, and prompt you to complete the unfinished documentation. This has helped and motivated me and the members of our company to participate in the compliance activities and maintain the necessary documentation.

I can add that PrivacyAnt's experts were very helpful in getting us quickly up to speed with the software and concentrating our efforts in the right places. We've received very practical advice on how we are going to build our documentation into the software, assessing vendors, and managing our data protection.

The collaboration with them (PrivacyAnt) has helped us to build a better understanding of data protection, elevate the quality of our privacy notices, and increase our compliance level for the GDPR. I can recommend PrivacyAnt as a partner for data protection.


Stephen Sykes, Freska