Privacy laws - your pain, our passion

We solve all your privacy challenges


Our certified privacy experts will help you to turn privacy obstacles into business benefits

Trainings and workshops

“Do you want to have live training to your staff or hold a workshop on a specific topic? We would love to share our practical knowledge about privacy and the laws and regulations around it.



Do you need a privacy consultant for a project? Our privacy experts have years of experience to share with you.


Privacy by design

We can offer practical tools and methods to implement privacy by design across your organisation.


Privacy audits and impact assessments

Do you have a product, digital service or project that needs privacy assurance? Let us help you to avoid the common pitfalls and make sure you have all the documentation to demonstrate compliance afterwards.


Privacy program development

We have designed, implemented and lead privacy programs in some of the largest organisations in Finland. Let us help you to take your privacy management to the next level.


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