Employees' data protection trainings for complying with the GDPR's accountability

Training your employees is one part of the GDPR's accountability requirements, and an effective way of mitigating risks regarding to data protection.


Future public trainings

GDPR is an ongoing effort

The world around us is constantly changing. Digitalization and various digitalized services are becoming part of every company's operations. The changing environment requires companies to implement data protection in their every-day business.

Data protection should not be seen as a project, but as a continuous process, in which employees' know-how is important. By training your staff, you ensure that your employees will identify all the situations, in which the GDPR requires actions.


Practical data protection training that fits your company

We have arranged many different kinds of GDPR trainings to all kind and size of companies from publicly traded companies to small startups. We have trained lawyers, data protection officers, and whole legal departments, R&D teams, marketing teams, HR teams, and general trainings to the whole staff.

We have received excellent feedback. Your employees get to present questions about things that have been puzzling them in privacy and to hear always the most up-to-date news about recent rulings and interpretations by the authorities, which have an impact on your company.

We arrange small class room trainings and larger web trainings. When necessary, we can train many teams with different kinds of contents.

PrivacyAnt's abundant training offering

Recently we have arranged trainings on the following topics:

  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • What kind of documentation the GDPR requires
  • Vendor management and data processing agreements
  • Data protection in cloud services
  • The GDPR & marketing
  • Data protection in web services
  • Employee's data protection



Why choose PrivacyAnt as a GDPR-trainer?

From us, you will always get high-quality training without attorney office price-levels. Our trainings are tailored to suit to your company. In the trainings, you will always hear the most up-to-date news from the data protection field. Your employees get to present questions and to hear answers to the questions that puzzle them.

PrivacyAnt Software as a support for employee trainings

Did you know that PrivacyAnt Software includes a learning module to which your organization's whole staff can be invited to pass the general training of the GDPR? With the training module you demonstrate with documentation that data protection is taken with appropriate seriousness in your company and that your employees know-how is at an appropriate level.


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